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Privacy Agreement

Please carefully review this Privacy Policy before using the services offered by Green Star Food. We collect, hold, use and disclose personal information to carry out functions or activities and (in some cases) discloses information about users to third parties. If you do not agree with this policy, you should not use the App. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy and using the associated services of Green Star Food, you agree to the content of this document and shall be bound by it.

1. Personal data involved

The primary purpose of collecting personal data is to provide users better services, with a more smooth, efficient and tailored experience. The App collects only such personal data about users as the App deems necessary for that purpose and the fulfillment of that purpose.
The App may collect additional information about users from public and private sources to better understand users of the App and tailor the App services to users, resolve disputes, and help ensure the security of transactions.
The App automatically tracks certain information about users based on their behavior on the App web site. The App uses this information to conduct internal research on the demographics, interests, and behaviors of the App’s users in order to better understand the users in order to provide better services to the users and users’ community.

The App uses data collection devices such as “Cookies” on certain web pages of the App. “Cookies” are small files placed on a user’s hard drive to help the App provide customized services to the user. The App also provides certain functions that are only available through the use of “Cookies”. The App also uses’ Cookies’ to allow users to enter fewer passwords within a certain period of time. Cookies can also assist the App in providing information tailored to the user’s interests.

If a user provides contact information (e.g. SMS, email or letter) to the App, or if other users or third parties send contact information to the App per user’s activities or logins on the App, the App can collect such information and stored into the user’s special profile.

2. The use of user information by Green Star Food:

User allows the App to access the user’s personal information (including but not limited to the stored profiles, and other materials collected from the using activities) to resolve the dispute, to mediate disputes, helps to ensure that the App for the safety of transaction, and perform the App of the user agreement. The App may sometimes investigate multiple users to identify problems or resolve disputes, and in particular the App may review user profiles to distinguish between users using multiple usernames or aliases. In regards to the limitation and protection purposes in terms of fraudulent, illegal or other criminal activities on the App, users voluntarily agree that the App may evaluate their personal data manually or automatically.

Users voluntarily agree that the App may use users’ personal data to improve the promotion activities of the App, analyze the utilization rate of the website, improve the content of the App, the way of promotion, and the web page, and customized the content, design and services to better meet users’ needs, with a smoother, more efficient, safer and customized experience.

The user agrees that the App uses their information to communicate with them and (in some cases) to provide users with tailored content that will be of interest to them; such as targeted advertising banners, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications regarding the User’s use of the App. By accepting the Service Agreement and Privacy Policy, users agree to receive such data.

3. Disclosure of user information by Green Star Food:

The App will conduct industry standard practices to protect users’ personal data, while due to technical limitations, the App cannot ensure that all users’ data will not be disclosed by means not specified in these Privacy Rules.

The App is obliged to provide users’ personal data to judicial and government departments as required by relevant laws. In the case of user’ s failing to follow the service agreement and intermediary agreement signed with App, and intermediary agreement or loan agreement with other users of the App, the App shall have the right to disclose personal information, and make comments or let the information visible to the public.

4. Users’ use of other users’ information:

For the services provided by the App, users have no right to request the App to provide other users’ personal data, unless the following conditions are met:
(a)Users have sued other users in the court for breach of contract in the App activities;
(b)Other circumstances in which information can be provided as approved by the App.
If there are economic disputes between the user and other users of the App, and other users of the App take the action of reveal the users’ personal information to make claim, the App shall be exempted from liability for such users’ actions.

5. Email:

Users shall not use the services provided by the App or other email forwarding services to send spam or other content that may violate Australian laws and regulations, social ethics and the User Agreement or Privacy Policy.
If a user uses the services of the App to send E-mail to an E-mail address that is not registered in the App, the App will not use the E-mail address for any other purpose than sending E-mail to the user. The App does not rent or sell these email addresses. The App does not permanently store E-mail messages or E-mail addresses.

6. Security of account information:

The user is responsible for the user’s name, password, registered email address and other security Settings processed in the App, as the transmission of user’s data via the internet is not 100% secure and the App is not obliged to guarantee the security, any transmission is at user’s own risk.

7. Modify rules:

From time to time, the App may modify the Privacy Policy to accurately reflect the App’s data collection and disclosure practices in response to user’s feedback and the needs. All changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted on the App website at least thirty (30) days prior to the proposed effective date.